GBXGowanus Bay Terminal

the Programs

GBX has initiated a few key programs to expand local employment opportunities, support for community projects, and industrial business advocacy.  Although GBX has done these things for over 15 years, it is only one entity. GBX will now apply the "strength in numbers" approach and harness the energies and resources of its 30+ clients (and climbing) in this initiative.  This assertive approach is the first of its kind in the area which GBX hopes will catch on and help the community grow.  
• Local Hiring Initiative (LHI)
Clients will be required to submit all new hire requirements to GBX who will in turn submit to the local not-for-profit of their choice for placement. Clients will be required to wait 2 weeks for local applicant interviews before sourcing outside. (Note that as GBX maintains a complete client employee list for access control, it has the ability to know if a client is not complying) 
• Local IDC Membership (LIM)
Clients will be required to maintain an annual membership with the local IDC of GBX's choice as well as the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.
• Local Community Programs (LCP)
GBX's clients/customers submit an amount equal to a percentage of their annual lease/licence fees to GBX who will in turn submit to Local Community Projects of their choice.